Medical Assistant Training – What You Need To Succeed

Whether you are Searching For ONLINE or OFFLINE Information about Medical Assistant Training, I will be sharing these informations with you.

Please note that I might share some information that is already outdated and you could definitely send me a note if you have the latest information.

So let’s get started…

The first Question that might come across your mind is whether should you try to study forMedical Assistant Training Online or Offline?

Well, the answer would entirely depend on what you like and what would work best for you.

Looking for the best Medical Assistant Training can be a daunting task and here are some of the problems that you would likely encounter.

  • The Course or Medical Assistant Training was insufficient….
  • The entire Course Takes too long, taking up to several months or even years
  • The course is too expensive. I would like to become a Medical Assistant as soon as possible but these are huge barriers that might be preventing myself…
Some people prefer to study at their own pace and time.
While some prefer to be in a live group discussion. I prefer to study alone as I can concentrate more on the topics at hand.
The online Route is probably also the best option for people who are working while studying because they needed the extra income from work.
But still the online Medical Assistant Training PROGRAM is not for everyone.
Some people that I knew can only comprehend topics and subjects when they have discussed and listened to someone else.
For those who would like to go the Online Route, it would interest you to know that there are several schools that will offer the online course for you:
The University Of Phoenix is currently one of the best schools today that offers a course on Medical Assistant Training. There are several colleges in your Area that might offer Online Training Courses on Medical Assistants too.
Sometimes online Training is Also known as Distance Learning and you might encounter this terminology often.
If there are more Online Medical Assistant Training Program that I have come across online, I will immediately update this article.

Here are more tips When Searching For Medical Assistant Training Programs:

  • Know the State Requirements on where you plan to work. Different States and Countries have different Requirements in order to become A Registered Medical Assistant or RMA.
  • Those who earn a Medical Assistant Certificate would expect to complete a Medical Assistant Program within a year
  • But if you plan to Earn more Money, you would want to Take the 2 Year Associate Degree on becoming a Medical Assistant. Yes, it’s longer but remember it’s a degree which would give you more job options.
  • You might need to take an ENTRANCE exam before you can enter an accredite Medical Assistant Training Program. This Exam is usually called : Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) or the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test
Here’s a Link to Several Accredited Medical Training Programs, you might want to check it out or you can also do a Search here.
The AMT is also Accredited to award the RMA certification. This would be convenient for those who are also Medical Technologists.

Medical Assistant Certification Exams

I’d like to share some tips on what you should do for your Medical Assistant Certification Exam:

Have the Correct and latest Review Material That You Would Need.

I keep journal and notes of things that I have learned. Usually you might refer to these notes in the future. Because of that it would be best if you take good care of it. Ok? Find the available materials that you can use for your review. These topics ranges from multiple topics.

Keep Browsing and Searching The Catalogues and Online

There are books, newspapers, journals and even the Internet. They are full of information about becoming a Medical Assistant. But most of them are outdated, that is why we should bring the latest info when traveling.

Create A Learning Group.

Do you have a friend that has already passed the Medical Assistant Certifications Exam? If you don’t have one yet,there are tons of groups/peers that you can choose from.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Learning never stops. You must complete Medical Assistant Certifications and Continuing education courses to remain competent and able..

Spend your Time Carefully

Learn how to rest, play and study hard. These are the recipes for success.

I hope that my article on “Medical assistant Certifications Exam” has helped and shed a lot to others.

General Motors Diet

What are the pros and cons of the GM Diet? This is an important question to answer before you decide to jump right in and begin using this weight loss plan. After all, you need to know what the good and bad elements of this diet and base you decision on that and not just find out later what went wrong.


So, let’s see what is good about the General Motors diet and what’s bad…


  • This diet is free. You can just read the simple eating plan you need to follow and just go along with it. Not having to pay anything to use this plan is a sure plus.
  • The food in the GM Diet menu is very easy to get and affordable. There aren’t any special products or exotic food items to buy.
  • The diet is simple to follow as it has very clear rules and not a lot of them. To do the eating plan all you need to do is get the food ready and eat accordingly.
  • Some people do report achieving a weight loss with it. Of this there is no doubt. The General Motors diet can help you lose weight. The problem is with how long this weight loss may last.


  • The GM Diet does not include any exercise routine at all which may be counterproductive to long term weight loss.
  • As there is no known author of this diet, there is also no support system for it at all.
  • May produce short term weight loss but a long term one may be harder to achieve.
  • Highly restrictive and can be difficult to stick to for long.
  • Deprives you of nutrients and may have some nasty side effects.


Now you have a more complete picture of the General Motors diet and may be able to better determine if you should or shouldn’t use it. I wish you the best of luck with it if you do… and if you don’t too.

Is Asthmatic Bronchitis Contagious

what is bronchitisAsthmatic bronchitis is not contagious but however a patient of the disease may be super imposed by bacterial or viral infection. Such a patient with superimposed infection may spread virus or bacteria which can cause an acute attack of asthma in a patient with asthmatic bronchitis.

Asthmatic bronchitis refers to inflammation of bronchial tubes along which causes obstruction in the air flowing to the lungs from the nose after one breathes in.  This is a chronic disease and as such has no permanent cure.

Reasons for Asthmatic Bronchitis

The reasons for asthmatic bronchitis are mainly tobacco smoke and exposure to the different toxins in the air that we breathe. Pollen grains, dust, pollution, chemical irritants may give rise to such a condition.

Asthmatic bronchitis is basically an antibody mediated reaction and occurs as a result of process called hypersensitivity reaction. When a person is exposed to a foreign body an antibody mediated reaction takes place. Body keeps a memory of such reaction. When the person is again exposed to such a substance, the body brings out a faster and massive response from the previous memory. This is what knows as hypersensitivity reaction. Such reactions cause inflammation of the airways and airways get swollen as an outcome of inflammation. The lumen of the air tubes become smaller in diameter, ultimately causing airflow obstruction to lungs, manifesting as shortness of breath or respiratory distress. Respiratory infections are the most common cause of bronchitis, while cigarette smoking is the predominant cause of bronchitis. Respiratory infections occur by droplet infection. Droplets of cough containing huge load of virus or bacteria is the medium that spreads infection when an apparently healthy person comes in close contact with an infected person or uses same handkerchief, towel or other personal things.  But, the fact to be noted is infection transmits, not the bronchial reaction. Now this transmitted infection may develop an acute reaction.

Smoker’s alert:

Asthmatic bronchitis is commonly seen in smokers. Tobacco smoking can heavily increase airway resistance creating constriction in the passage ways. It acts as a common risk factor for acute exhalation leading to the chronic disease. Due to smoking exhilaration level in reduced to one second per volume. This cause a blockage in the bronchial tubes as well as it cause the heart to pump more blood following which the heart gets tired faster and there are chances even for artery blockage. So the prior step in dealing with asthmatic bronchitis is that the patient should stop smoking.

As already said above, asthmatic bronchitis is not a contagious disorder by itself. However, it should be taken in notice that viral bronchitis can be contagious for the initial 2-4 days. As the maximum symptoms of any respiratory disorder are more or less similar, it is important to consult the doctor immediately in case any symptoms are seen or observed in a patient. This will help in diagnosing the exact cause and reason for the symptoms seen in a person.

The level of pollution in the air have been directly associated with the increased respiratory health problems among those living in affected areas. This is also confirmed by the Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch of the National Centre of Environmental Health.

Stages of relief:

Rest is the best cure for any disease. Especially as this is an infection of the lungs there is a tendency of loosing energy and drowsiness and tiredness. There should be no external exertion caused to the body. Any form of exercise at this time can increase the infection instead of bringing relief. Hence, biking, dancing, swimming, and cycling should be avoided stopped till there is an initial relief. So the needs of the body should be paid head to. The first few days when the lungs feel heavy and out of breath rest is the only way to get rid of the tiredness. When the infection stops  all sorts of appointment, school, college and everything else should be immediately cancelled and days off taken. Excess amount of panic attacks like too much of laughter or crying can also be a cause of asthmatic bronchitis. Hence one should not indulge in such emotional draws as well.

Drinking lots of warm fluids help extracting the cough that is set in the lungs. Warm fluids also take care of the sore throat and bring about a momentary relief. Ample fluid intake can help the body recover faster in the case of bronchitis. Warm water with honey and lemon can act as a natural medication. Honey basically is a good coating for the throat and lemon provides the vitamin C and other nutrients that the body needs. Bronchitis treatment accelerates with the help other simple treatments like taking steam air by covering the head with a towel. Herbal tea also helps in soothing the throat as well as maintaining the fluid balance of the body. Meat broth helps in filling the gap of protein in the diet of the patient. A little added olive oil and vegetables to the soup make it healthier for the body. Saltwater is also a good option both for gargling and consumption.

The intake of steam with balm or any such agent relaxes the lungs. Hot compress on the chest and head also causes some amount of relief. There are cough syrups and chewable tablets to help bring out the set cough in the chest. The cough should be let out and not suppressed. There are other medication possibilities such as inhalers or puffs that have bronchodilators and corticosteroids.

Asthma patients should be kept away from dust or any such thing that causes breathlessness and increases chances of allergies. Excess amount of sneezing or coughing due to allergy or bronchitis easily leads one to an attack of asthma which can get seriously harmful and often demands the patient to be admitted on an emergency to the hospital.

Hence there are various causes for asthmatic bronchitis. But in sure sense it is not a contagious disease.